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Our Criminal Background Search is a complete criminal check which includes arrest records, police files, felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, convictions, incarcerations, criminal driving violations and other court documents.
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The preliminary search accesses people databases from various public records. Merely because a name is found in the preliminary search does NOT mean such persons have a criminal record. In order to conduct a criminal records check you have to be a registered member.
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Types and Nature of Criminal Records
Felonies – Crimes covering a wide variety of offenses such as armed robberies, assaults, drug sales and possession, and murders.

Misdemeanors – Crimes of a lesser nature than felonies that usually result in a jail sentence of less than one year, fines less than $2000, and/or community service.

Sex Offender Listings – In the late 90’s, individual states enacted Megan’s Law which made information available to the public regarding the F.B.I.’s national sex offender registry. Online criminal records checks will reveal the names of individuals on the registry.

Parole Violations – The failures of individuals on parole to follow the conditions of their release from prison in an important respect. Only people serving a jail sentence for the commission of a felony offense are eligible for parole.

Probation Violations – The failures of individuals on probation to follow the conditions of their probation in an important respect. Probation, instead of local jail time or a prison sentence, is offered to individuals convicted of felonies and misdemeanors and who are
not considered threats to the public.

Traffic Violations – Violations that are of a serious nature, such as those resulting in a death, will be included as part of one’s criminal records history in most states.

Arrest Records – These criminal records contain information on individuals, such as the type and description of the offense, dates of disposition and conviction, sentence imposition, photos, and other information.

Conviction Records – These criminal records contain information indicating that an individual has been convicted of a crime, has received a less than honourable discharge from the military, or has been placed on probation, parole, or imprisoned by any law enforcement agency or military body.

Inmate Records – Reports on individuals with imprisonment stays within a U.S. Federal or State prison and their parole and probation reports, including active or inactive status. These reports detail the offense, duration of sentence, release date, and other additional criminal records data.
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