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Arrest Records – A Key Source for Criminal Background Checks
When a person is a suspect in a criminal investigation and is brought in for questioning, any information disclosed at that time is filed under a case number. That information can become part of arrest records documents if that suspect is charged with the commission of a crime. At that time, arrest records are established.

Arrest records contain all information that has been gathered concerning the subject, now known as the defendant. Arrest records include all details regarding the arrest:

• Interviews regarding the offense.
• Details regarding the physical arrest of the subject, including the apprehension (if warranted).
• The location of the apprehension, and whether physical force was necessary to effect the arrest.
• The location of the questioning and interview of the defendant.
• Details of the criminal charges against the defendant.
• Statements of the defendant regarding the criminal charges.
• Statement of the plaintiff, if any, with regard to the criminal charges and the relationship of the plaintiff to the defendant.
• The criminal charges lodged against the defendant, including the Criminal Procedural Law Code.

Arrest Records – Can Confirm Your Worst Fears

Let’s say that you are a recently divorced lady of 40 years of age who has begun to surf the dating websites online with the intention of rekindling your social life. You have reviewed hundreds of potential matches and have started to communicate with a certain gentleman.

He has some charisma, but there is something about his communication that leads you to have reservations about meeting him in person. You know that arrest records can establish once and for all that this fellow is who he says he is, or that he is a fraud and a danger to society.

If you don’t enlist the services of a Criminal Records firm to research arrest records, then you may be apt to accept a date with a man is a thief or who has a Rape conviction. Arrest records contain the information that will either confirm or refute your worst fears about an individual, and you don’t need a court order or a search warrant to obtain the facts.

Criminal Records Firm – Gets You the Facts

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