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Conviction – Confirm Through Criminal Records Check
The legal determination of a conviction is the outcome of a criminal trial proceeding. A conviction is a finding of guilt by either a judge or a jury of the defendant’s peers. In order to get a conviction in a court of law, the prosecutor must prove that:

• The defendant violated a law.
• The evidence produced is directly or circumstantially related to the defendant.

The conviction finding is the last step in the prosecutorial process in the criminal justice system. The prosecutor initially must present a case to a grand jury whose task it is to determine if there has been sufficient evidence presented to hand down an indictment in the case. It is not uncommon for defense lawyers to tell their clients, “You can indict a ham sandwich.”

Once an indictment is handed down, the case goes on the docket in the Supreme Court in the county in which the alleged crime was committed. At this point, the trial part of the case commences.

Elements of a Conviction

Just because a defendant has been found guilty after trial does not mean that there has been a conviction in the case. In order to render a determination of a conviction in a case, three distinct elements must be present:

• There must be a finding of guilt by a jury of the defendant’s peers or by the judge who presided over the trial. In some cases, the defendant will plead guilty to a lesser charge before or during the trial proceeding.
• There must be a sentence rendered for the finding of guilt.
• There must be the imposition of a sentence based on the finding of guilt.

Without these three elements present, there is no conviction in the case. At times, the imposition of the sentence is delayed, stayed or suspended. It is only upon the imposition of the sentence that a conviction is obtained in the case.

Conviction – Investigate Through Criminal Records Check

We are all concerned, at times, by the behavior and demeanor of others. In our day-to-day experiences, we must make quick judgments about peoples’ character, and this is hard to do with any degree of accuracy. These judgments could involve suitors of your daughter or a new neighbor who is becoming very friendly.

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