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While there are over 40,000 databases for criminal records, none may be as helpful to Criminal Records Research Specialists as county criminal records. County criminal records contain the entire history of a crime and its court proceedings. A Criminal Records Research Specialist can review the information on a subject from county criminal records and extract the information needed by a client.

The county criminal records are extremely useful in a criminal records search for a particular party because they contain all documents applicable to the case. The research specialists at often use the databases of the county criminal records to supply the details of the case for their clients.

County Criminal Records – A Valuable Informational Source

The county criminal records supply an extensive amount of detailed information regarding an individual and his or her criminal case. For example, suppose that you live in the County of Brooklyn, also known as Kings, in the City of New York. All crimes that are committed in Kings County are adjudicated in Kings County. If the case involves a Misdemeanor offense, then it is presented in Kings County Criminal Court, and the disposition is rendered under its auspices. The Kings County criminal records room will have all court information listed under the docket number assigned to the case.

If the case was of a more serious nature and involved the commission of a Felony, then the case would be presented before a Kings County Grand Jury. If the jury finds in favor of an indictment, then the case will be presented in Kings County Supreme Court. The case will be heard by a jury or a judge, and the disposition will be rendered under the auspices of the Kings County Supreme Court. The county criminal records room of Kings County Supreme Court will have all the court information in its files listed under the case indictment number.

County Criminal Records – Elements Contained Therein

The county criminal records database is a useful research tool because it contains the following information beneficial to you:

• Details of the Original Complaint
• Statement of the Complaining Witness
• Details of the Arrest (Including day, date and time; name of the arresting officer; location of arrest, and under what circumstances)
• Statement of Defendant
• Dates of Court Appearances
• Statements of Witnesses
• Day, Date, Time and Findings of Grand Jury
• Court Disposition
• Length of Prison Sentence and/or Amount of Fine
• Day, Date, Location and Time of Court Conviction

The information contained in county criminal records is extremely useful to a party initiating a background check of an individual. The staff of is trained in the utilization of county criminal records to assist clients in acquiring the history of subjects of criminal record searches.


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