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Criminal Background – Often a Portent of Things to Come
The Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has conducted studies over the years to observe trends in order to assist the inmates in the system with their rehabilitation and to protect and preserve the safety and welfare of the public. The reports of the DCJS indicate that a person’s criminal background is too often an indicator for similar bad behavior in the future.

Recidivism is a term that is used by law enforcement and judicial agencies to describe the tendencies revealed by a person’s criminal background. Recidivism is the act of an individual repeating a crime after serving a sentence for the same offense. Recidivism rates are unbelievably high, and a person’s criminal background can provide a blueprint as to what behavior that individual may exhibit in the future.

Criminal Background - Facts are Undisputed

The DCJS backs up its recidivism theories with facts. In a 15 year study of inmates in the Criminal Justice System in the United States from 1983-1997, the results showed a disturbing tendency toward recidivism based on the individual’s criminal background.

These are some of the startling facts that were ascertained from the study:

• Based on criminal background checks, records revealed that almost 70 percent of the inmates released from prison in 1994 were re-arrested for the same crime within three years of their release from incarceration.
• Criminal background statistics reflected that the recidivism rate increased almost 4 percent from the year 1984 to 1997.
• Criminal background studies for drugs revealed that the rate of re-arrest and reconviction for recidivism increased significantly by nearly 12 percent from 1984 to 1997.

Criminal Background – What This Means to You

You may deal daily with people whom you really know nothing about – your neighbors; your potential boyfriends and/or girlfriends; club members; and those you allow to enter your house. You have a right to know who is coming into your home.

You have the right to know that a criminal background search has cleared these people who might be dangerous or harmful to you or your loved ones. You deserve to know an individual’s criminal background:

• For your own Protection and Safety
• For your own Peace of Mind
• For the Safety and Protection of Others
• For the Safety and Protection of your Community

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