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Criminal Record – Reflects the Facts

Dragnet was one of the original police shows on television in the 1950’s. The protagonist, Sgt. Joe Friday, was a stickler for upholding the law. He relied heavily on criminal record review to connect past felons to an unsolved crime. Sgt. Friday’s favourite saying in the course of his investigation was, “Just the facts, Ma’am; just the facts.”

If Sgt. Friday were solving crimes today, he would be still be relying on the criminal record of an individual in order to get a proper perspective on prospective criminal subjects. The criminal record tells you the crimes for which an individual has been convicted.

Recidivism is the tendency for an individual to repeat his criminal behavior from the past, despite having received a criminal sentence for that crime. The recidivism rates have risen continually over the past thirty years. A criminal record will reveal the crimes, committed by an individual in the past, that he is very likely to repeat in the future.

Criminal Record – Snapshot of a Person’s Past

A crime is an act of commission or omission with respect to a Public Law for which a punishment is imposed upon conviction in a court of law. Crimes fall into the categories of felonies and misdemeanors. If a person has a history of crimes, that person’s criminal history can be found in the criminal record for that individual.

A person’s criminal record is a snapshot of his or her past. For example, the crime of burglary has one of the highest recidivism rates of all felonies. A history of burglary is a significant finding in the criminal record of an individual.
If a gentleman moves into the house next to yours and then begins to ingratiate himself with your adult daughter, you may be concerned about his past. If, however, your daughter informs you that the neighbour shows a big interest in your home security system, your inner voice might very well raise some doubts about the genuineness and authenticity of your new neighbor.

Criminal Record – Check Your Concerns

Before you lose another night’s sleep or fail to take action to protect your daughter, yourself, your home and possessions, you need to initiate a check of the person’s criminal record. The research must be done by a firm that is trusted to give you the accurate criminal record of an individual.

The criminal record check of a person must be completed by an online firm that has the faculties to perform a comprehensive search. The Internet’s top Criminal Research website,, has the capability of accessing over 300 million criminal records. Ultimately, this is the comprehensive search database that you need in order to make sure that no facts can slip through the cracks.

The website,, researches the criminal history of a subject by reviewing these types of criminal records:

• felonies
• misdemeanors
• sex offender listings
• parole violations
• probation violations
• traffic violations
• arrest records
• conviction records
• inmate records

When you need a criminal record check of someone, don’t second-guess yourself – take action immediately!


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