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Different Types Of Criminal Records
Federal vs. State Incarceration Records

Federal incarceration records are used to keep track of how many times an individual has been imprisoned and for what reason. These records are easy to locate and open to the public and to access the records itís not necessary to know the location of the conviction because the country uses the same system with incarceration records. The only things not listed on an incarceration record are minor offenses that did not require jail time. This aspect is what distinguishes incarceration records from criminal records. Online access to the records is available to those who want to find any prisoner in country, where they are being held and what crime they committed. State incarceration records are slightly different from federal incarceration records because they are more detailed. They provide all the same information but also list whether or not the inmate is under probation.

Federal vs. State Parole Records

Federal parole records are used to categorize all the federal offenders located in a common storage location. Most inmates are given parole in some form or another, so these records are useful when youíre looking up previous criminal history and are open to the public. State parole records, on the other hand, are not open to the public and those who wish to see them need authorization from the state parole board but still contain the same kind of information as federal parole records.

Federal vs. State Probation Records

Federal offenders are occasionally not technically incarcerated but still serve a term of probation to test whether or not they are stable enough to be out in society. This can also come in a reduced prison sentence. All of this information about federal offenders can be found in the federal probation records. State probation records are not as organized as federal probation records since states donít have a designated, central area where they store this kind of probation information. This makes it difficult to locate information about a specific person.

State Sex Offender Records

In the past couple of years, there have been a lot of news stories regarding state sex offenders. Parents want to ensure that their children are safe and want to know whether or not a sex offender lives nearby. Before there was a sex offender registry the public could access to see where sex offenders lived, people did not know who they needed to watch out for. The initiation of Meganís Law ensured that the public had access to information that showed them the names, photos and addresses of sexual predators. These sex offender records are open to the public and law enforcement agencies encourage the public to take them seriously.

Federal Fugitives

Like any other kind of criminal in the United States, federal fugitives have a specific record filled with information about them and their crimes. These fugitives are wanted by protection agencies and considered dangerous, so people should stay away from them. The worst thing that can happen is that you unknowingly hire a wanted federal fugitive. To avoid this, there are federal fugitive records are open to the public and employers are encouraged to check them before hiring someone.

Military Criminal Records

Criminal records are also available to men and women in uniform and serving in the military. These records keep track of the military laws that are broken and are also available to the public. Employers should look at these military criminal records before hiring someone who has served to ensure they have not committed past offenses.


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