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Felony – Uncover the Past to Protect
The commission of a felony crime is a serious offense. A felony is a crime for which the punishment is in excess of one year of incarceration or probation, and a fine in excess of $1,000. The felony crime covers a broad range from murder, to armed robbery, to possession and sale of controlled substances such as heroin and cocaine. While misdemeanor convictions are served in local county jails, felony convictions are served in either state or Federal prisons.

Felony sentences and criminal procedural law differ from state to state. What doesn’t change is the fact that felons who are not rehabilitated pose a serious threat to society, and, except in the case of sex offenders, you may never know where they live. In those instances, Megan’s Law guarantees that the public is notified when a person in this category moves into a neighborhood.

There are many ex-cons and parolees who are living in communities and who have reverted back to their past life of crimes against people and property. The problem is that these felony convicts are able to secrete their past. You and your loved ones may be in serious danger without ever being aware of the dangers that are lurking.

Felony Cons Pose Imminent Threat

People often have a sixth sense when something is amiss. You may feel uncomfortable when in the presence of an acquaintance or colleague. You may not know why you feel this discomfort, but you do know that this particular individual makes you feel uneasy.

In such cases, you can never be too cautious or careful. Your apprehension could relate to a neighbor who has taken up affection for your daughter; someone who is asking too many questions about your home security system; or a laborer who is willing to do menial jobs around your home for no pay. These situations send up warning flairs to you, and they arouse your instinct to protect yourself, your family, and your property.

In these instances, you need to log on to Professionals are available around the clock to furnish information about people from all corners of the world. These professionals can check persons for their criminal history, including felony convictions. Ensure Your Safety

The Criminal records database of contains over 300 million files, and your inquiry can be handled in a matter of minutes. The following information about individuals can be ascertained by, and forwarded to you confidentially and expeditiously: history of felony convictions, including type and nature of the offense, date of offense, disposition, sentence and history of incarceration and parole status.

You owe it to yourself and the people you love to check out the individual who makes you feel uneasy. More often than not, your inquiry is justified, and you have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety and welfare of those who come in contact with the felony convict. In today’s world, people are not always what they appear to be!

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