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There are reasons why we choose to have some of our chores done by professionals. Unless you’re an electrician, you certainly aren’t capable of wiring your home. That takes years of education in the field and considerable time as an apprentice to a licensed electrician. Unless you’re a lawyer, you would never consider writing the response to your interrogatories in a civil law suit. In similar manner, unless you’re a professional trained Criminal Records Research Specialist, you should never undertake a public criminal records search on your own.

While there is a public criminal records database in the United States, it is not accessible by the public. So, any attempt on your part to conduct your own public criminal records search would neither be thorough nor complete. Each state sets its own rules regarding public criminal records searches. You would be wasting precious time trying to uncover the criminal past of an individual. In the event that no information of a past history of criminal behavior was disclosed, you could never receive positive affirmation from your public records search that the subject in question had a record or not, since you would not have access to all the pertinent public criminal records.

Public Criminal Records – Use a Professional Company

You should always utilize the services of a professional criminal records retrieval company. This is the only way to ensure that your public criminal records search has been complete and all-encompassing. The most comprehensive public criminal records searches are conducted under the auspices of The professionally trained staff will take the information that you have on the subject in question and commence the most thorough public criminal records search on the World Wide Web.

The staff of will search its database that contains well over 300 million criminal histories in order to extract the information you desire. These include Federal, state and international public criminal records as well as the links to the following:

• Federal, State and Municipal Criminal Court Documents
• Warrant listings
• Arrest Records
• Conviction Records
• Central Booking Information
• Inmate Records
• Sex Offender listings and Registries

The public criminal records searching capacity of is continually upgraded as more and more links to public criminal records databases are added to the system. Perhaps you were asked by an acquaintance to lend him some money, and you feel uneasy about the situation. The services of are available to you so that a thorough public criminal record search can be conducted in a discreet and untraceable manner.

You owe it to yourself to be safe and take action in this regard. The worst thing you can do when you have doubts about someone is to do nothing at all!

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