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Illinois Criminal Records Search Includes:
Illinois Corrections Records
Corrections records since 1986 for Illinois statewide felony convictions on persons found guilty and sentenced to serve time and/or subsequent probation in a state penal institution. Includes probation and parole information where applicable. Results show defendant name, DOB, race, sex, case number, offense date, offense description, disposition, disposition date, county of disposition and sentence. Records updated regularly.*

Cook Co. (metro Chicago) Court Records
Court records of felony, misdemeanor, code violations and traffic cases filed since 1984. Includes only disposed cases. Search results show the case number, defendant name, (aliases when available), DOB, race, sex, charges, level of offense, disposition, disposition date and sentence. Records updated weekly.

Illinois Sex Offender Records
All sex offenders sentenced since January 1994. Records updated regularly.*

Illinois Criminal Records
Your teenager wants to go sleepover at a friend’s place next week and you really aren’t sure whether you should let her. Your new neighbors seem rather hostile and rude and you wonder if your family is safe around them. You intend to go out on a date with a man you met at a club, but wonder if it is safe. Most of us have faced either one or all of these situations. These are times you wish someone could tell you more about the person concerned so you could take an informed decision. How about running an Illinois criminal records search?

Many people wonder why they should consider a paid search when they could find the same public records free of charge. The answer is that looking for criminal records required experience and expertise. Instead of going through thousands of criminal records at your local court house it is more effective to run an online criminal records search. Also this is cheaper than hiring an investigator."> has a team of search experts who efficiently search through many criminal records databases to find the records that you may be looking for. You can run a criminal records search, person search or even a bankruptcy search. Illinois criminal records include correction records, records of felonies, traffic violation, conviction and sex offender records. This information may be crucial to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. Visit"> and learn how to keep yourself safe.
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