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Kentucky Criminal Records Search Includes:
Kentucky Corrections Records
Corrections records of statewide criminal records on persons who have been convicted of felonies as defined by Kentucky state law and sentenced to serve jail time since 1979. Results show the date of crime, county of crime, sentence date, case number, name, DOB, race, sex, charge(s) and sentence. Records updated regularly.*

Kentucky Sex Offender Records
All sex offenders sentenced since July 1994. Records updated regularly.*

Kentucky Criminal Records
We tend to worry about a lot of small and big issues. But personal security and that of your close ones is a primary cause of concern for all. If you had access to the right information would you allow your teenaged son to get in a car with a person responsible for serious traffic violations? Or would you go out on a date with a registered sex offender?

Accurate information is often the key to making good decisions. If you want to check if a Kentucky resident is to be trusted it is a good idea to consider a Kentucky criminal records search. Kentucky provides free access to its criminal records to its residents and maintains updated databases of corrections records as well as records of registered sex offenders.

Kentucky criminal records search is useful for both corporate organizations as well as for individuals. You could request your local law enforcement authorities for criminal records against a person or choose to go down to the local court house and look for them yourself. However, this would be time consuming and rather frustrating. Instead you can opt to search for Kentucky criminal records online. The internet has brought a world of information to your fingertips and it is important to use this information effectively.

The search specialists at consider millions of criminal records from several databases so that they can provide you accurate information on arrests, felonies, conviction and corrections. To protect yourself and your loved ones request a criminal records search at
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