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Mississippi Criminal Records Search Includes:
Mississippi Corrections Records
Corrections records of statewide felonies on persons who have been sentenced to serve time in a state institution, probation, community service or diversion since 1975. Search results may show name, DOB, race, sex, charge, county of offense, disposition, disposition date, sentence, probation or parole status and related dates. Records updated regularly.*

Hinds Co. (metro Jackson) Court Records
Court records of felony and misdemeanor cases disposed since 1982. Search results show the defendant name, DOB, race, sex, case number, charge(s), disposition, disposition date and sentence. Records updated regularly.*

Mississippi Sex Offender Records
All sex offenders sentenced since July 1994. Records updated regularly.*

Mississippi Criminal Records
The crime rate is on an increase across the world and adding locks and security alarm systems to your home and office is no longer enough. You also need a personal security system that will alert you when you come in contact with dangerous and nasty people. Running a Mississippi criminal records search may be the best decision you take for yourself and for your loved ones. Imagine being able to know that your son’s buddy is guilty of serious traffic violations; would you still let him into a car with him? Or if you find out the man that you intended to go out with is a registered sex offender. Information is the most important way of staying safe and secure.

Before you allow someone into your life it is important that you run a criminal records search. If you are suspicious of a Mississippi resident then a Mississippi criminal records search may be a good idea. Whether it is a new neighbor, a plumber working at your home or your child’s school bus driver, you have the right to know about the background of people who can influence your life. Mississippi has corrections records from 1982 and records of registered sex offenders from 1991.

You may wonder why you should pay for records that are free for the public to access. It is the service of locating the right records that you are paying for. Instead of wasting precious time and effort you will receive an online criminal records report in a matter of days. offers the experience and expertise that is crucial when going through millions of criminal records to find the relevant ones. To keep safe request a search on today!
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