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Nebraska Criminal Records Search Includes:
Nebraska Corrections Records
Corrections records of felony and high-level misdemeanor records on persons sentenced to serve time in a state correctional institution since 1976. Records show name, DOB, race, sex, county, charge, level of offense, sentence and sentence date. Records updated regularly.*

Nebraska Sex Offender Records
High-risk (Level 3) sex offenders sentenced since January 1997. Records updated regularly.*

Nebraska Criminal Records
Your home and your workplace are the two places where you spend the maximum amount of time. It is important that you know the kind of people who surround you and have an influence on your life. Criminal statistics suggest that as many 60% of people who have been incarcerated will commit a crime again. This means that knowing about a person’s criminal background could help you protect yourself and your loved ones from them. Before allow a person access to your home or your friends and family it is a good idea to run a Nebraska criminal records search.

The internet has simplified our search for information, products and services. You no longer have to bother looking for criminal records at your local court house or requesting the law enforcement authorities for assistance, you can choose to request for a Nebraska criminal records search online. This saves a lot of time and energy and is also less expensive than hiring an investigator to find the same information. offers a free preliminary search that confirms if a person has any criminal records to his name and thereafter you can request a comprehensive Nebraska criminal records search. Our experts consider several criminal records databases to gather information on felonies, convictions, traffic violations and various other offenses. Armed with accurate information you are better prepared to deal with the world and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. To stay well informed and safe request a Nebraska criminal records search on today!
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