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New Jersey Criminal Records Search Includes:
New Jersey Courts Records
Superior Court records of statewide felony cases disposed since 1984. Results include case number, name, DOB, charge(s), county of offense, disposition, disposition date and sentence date. Records updated bi-quarterly.

New Jersey Corrections Records
Corrections records of statewide felony convictions of persons incarcerated in all state facilities since 1970, including those who have been released or paroled. Results show defendant name, DOB, sex, offense description, case number, county of offense, sentence date and release or parole date. Records updated semi-annually (July & December).

New Jersey Sex Offender Records
Medium and high-risk sex offenders sentenced since January 1991. Records updated regularly.*

New Jersey Criminal Records
Would you allow a perfect stranger to enter your home? Probably not, then why would you consider allowing people into your life without knowing enough about their background? It is better to be safe than sorry, even if it means having to check up on the criminal backgrounds of people you work with or have access to your home and family. Your personal security deserves top priority and if you are suspicious of a New Jersey resident then a New Jersey criminal records search may provide you the information you seek.

It is important that you consider a criminal records search not just when you are suspicious of someone but also when new people enter your life. Sometimes people who you may have known for a while may also surprise you. Would you trust a neighbor if you realize that he is a registered sex offender or allow your child to get into a car with a friend who has a record of serious traffic violations? At you can request a New Jersey criminal records search. This will save you the time and effort involved in going to your local court house and looking up the records yourself.

New Jersey maintains court records, corrections records and sex offender records. Our search experts access several criminal records databases so that you receive an accurate report. offers a free preliminary search to check if any criminal records exist against a person’s name. Thereafter, you can request a more comprehensive criminal records report.
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