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North Dakota Criminal Records Search Includes:
North Dakota Court Records
Court records of statewide felony and misdemeanor dispositions from county district courts since 1990. Results show defendant name, DOB, case number, charge county, charge class, charge description, file date, disposition and disposition date. Records not updated since October 2002. The courts of North Dakota are currently developing a policy that will determine when this data will be updated.

North Dakota Sex Offender Records

All sex offenders sentenced since January 1982. Records updated regularly.*

North Dakota Criminal Records
Experts state that the chances of a convicted felon committing a crime again are very high. Would you knowingly be associated with someone with a criminal background? Sadly, most of us are unaware of the criminal background of people we interact with daily or even trust with our lives or that of our loved ones. If you are worried about the kind of crowd your college going son runs with, an online North Carolina criminal records could provide some answers. Wouldn’t you be more cautious if you were aware that a sex offender lives in your neighborhood? It is important to have access to the right information to make crucial decision to protect yourself and your family.

If you want to check on North Dakota resident’s criminal background then a North Dakota criminal records search would reveal the details you seek. North Dakota regularly updates its court records as well as records of registered sex offenders. Rather than going to the local court house or seeking the cooperation of the busy local law enforcement authorities, you can save time and effort by requesting a search on We also offer other focused search options such as person search or bankruptcy search.

To make informed choices it is important that you have access to the right information. has a team of search specialists who have the experience and the expertise to go through millions of criminal records from several databases to find the relevant ones. We offer a free preliminary search before you decide to request a comprehensive search.
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