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Virginia Criminal Records Search Includes:
Virginia Court Records
Court records of statewide and/or county-level felony and misdemeanor, including motor vehicle citations generally dating to 1996, from General District and Circuit Courts. INCLUDES ALL VIRGINIA COUNTIES AND INDEPENDENT MUNICIPALITIES EXCEPT NO CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS FOR FAIRFAX COUNTY, PRINCE WILLIAM OR ALEXANDRIA. Results show defendant name, DOB, race, sex, case number, county of disposition, offense date, offense description, disposition, disposition date and sentence. Records updated regularly.*  as reported by each county to the state court system.

Virginia Correction Records
Statewide felony & misdemeanor conviction records from the courts where the person has been sentenced to serve time at a state agency. Results may show defendants name, DOB, site address, case workers name & phone number. Records updated regularly.*

Virginia Fairfax County Court
County felony, misdemeanor & traffic records since 1979. Results may show defendants name, AKA name, DOB, identification number, county, charge(s), disposition, disposition date, physical description & sentence. Records updated regularly.*

Virginia Sex Offender Records
Felony offenders sentenced since January 1974. Records updated regularly.*

Virginia Criminal Records
The increasing rate of crime makes all of us feel insecure. It is important that you take due precautions to ensure that the people you trust are everything they claim to be. Whether it is a neighbor who baby sits for you or your college going son’s room mate, it is better to be safe than sorry. Often we let people into our lives and homes without realizing that it may be dangerous to do so. A quick online criminal records search will calm or confirm your suspicions. Either way you will be in a better state than you were without the information.

If you are suspicious of a Virginia resident it would be wise to consider a Virginia criminal records search that may bring to light crucial information. Experts believe that convicted felons are likely to commit a crime again. Thus, knowing about a person’s criminal background could give you enough warning to protect yourself and your loved ones. While criminal records are free for the public to access actually doing the task can be quite frustrating. Firstly you may not have the time and energy to search though criminal records at your local court house and also you may not know where to begin looking. search specialists offer you an opportunity to request a criminal records search and do away with the need to look for them yourself. Also this is far cheaper than hiring a private investigator. Virginia maintains court records, corrections records and sex offender records and hence when you request a Virginia criminal records search you are assured accurate information in a matter of days. Visit today!
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