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Wisconsin Criminal Records Search Includes:
Wisconsin Courts Records
Statewide Court records of felony and misdemeanor cases disposed since 1992. Results include name, DOB, case number, county of offense, charge(s), disposition, disposition date and sentence date. Updates pending.

Wisconsin Corrections Records
Corrections records of statewide felony convictions on persons who have been sentenced to serve time at a state facility and/or released on parole since 1987. Results show the defendant name, DOB, race, sex, case number, county, offense, sentence, sentence date and release date. Updates pending.

Wisconsin Sex Offender Records
All sex offenders sentenced since January 1993. Records updated regularly.*

Wisconsin Criminal Records
No one expects to become a victim of a crime and while it may seem that you have little protection against people with an intention to harm you, there is a lot you can do. Experts reveal that most convicted felons are likely to commit a crime again. So, one of the best ways to protect yourself would be to keep away from people with a criminal background.

If you are suspicious about a Wisconsin resident, how can you check on their criminal background? Most of us lead busy lives and hardly have the time to go down to the local court house to search through criminal records. This process would take weeks or even longer. This maybe precious time you are losing to stop a criminal from harming you or your loved ones. Instead you could opt for an online criminal records search that would bring you accurate results in a matter of days. is committed to providing accurate reports to its clients. You can choose to try our free preliminary search before you opt for a more detailed report. We offered focused searches such as for criminal records, persons or through bankruptcy records. Our experts go through criminal records databases at county, state and national level so that you receive a complete and accurate report.

Wisconsin regularly updates its court records, corrections records and records of sex offenders. This ensures that our experts have access to the most current information. Request a criminal records search at today!
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